Affiliate marketing through Pinterest

Usually someone who starts affiliate marketing goes in the standard directions of marketing through Facebook. In contrast, those who think outside the box can find ways to market products through Pinterest.

Let’s start with a brief explanation of what Pinterest is.  Pinterest is a social network based on boards containing pins, that is, a kind of visual posts  with image and short text next to them. You can add links near the pins so it’s great for affiliate marketing.

Despite this, not every product is suitable for marketing on Pinterest. We need to examine first the demographic segmentation of Pinterest users. There are a lot more Women’s users than men’s and a lot of the users coming to Pinterest to find ideas. For that matter, if someone decides on the design of a children’s room, she goes to Pinterest and finds design ideas from all over the world, the same for costumes, recipes, ideas for birthdays, hobbies and more.

When we as affiliate marketers use Pinterest, we need to tailor the marketing proposals to the demographic segmentation. We would use it less to market products in a niche of making money, but products for hobbies and home design can succeed excellently.

One of the lesser known points is the ability to Ads on Pinterest similar to Facebook. Today, the costs there are relatively low and it is worthwhile to examine it and see if it pays off. Good luck!

The Culture of Making Money from the Internet

This time I want to touch on a topic that is usually less addressed and that is the culture of making money from the internet. It’s no secret that the niche of making money from home has a bad name. There is a lack of trust among people who do not know the subject in depth or those who do not really deal with it on a daily basis, who claim that all people who claim that money can be made from the internet are charlatans or that very few people actually make money (and sometimes the real money they describe is How to make money from the internet).

One of the reasons for the bad name is that many times the way of selling courses for making money from the internet is waving lifestyle or screenshots of large sums of money. But, what these Ads do not show is the expenses and after all profits is income less expenses. Another thing that these Ads do not show is the hard work required to be very successful in the field of making money from the Internet. These people take courses; they invest advertising budgets of thousands of dollars a month on sponsored campaigns on Facebook or elsewhere and another large investment that is usually not displayed.

Because a lot of people sign up for their courses and dream of insane successes as presented to them and usually do not really invest thousands of hours of work and thousands of dollars a month on sponsored advertising they start to get lukewarm results at best or fail completely at worst. A consequence of this is that today there is thousands of disappointed people that invested their money but did not succeed. Some of those disappointed react on social media against and create the bad name.

Now I want to try to make an order, because I think a lot of people are missing out on an amazing field. To make money online satisfactorily you need to look at the subject as a professional field and you need to be professionals. This is like setting up any other business. Think that if you opened a store, you would invest in rent, store design, furniture, computing, advertising, salaries and more. These are usually not small sums of money. So if you want to be a professional in the field of making money online you need to be willing to invest, prepare a neat business plan, give an estimate of expenses and income and more. Also study time and investment time to work from home through the internet should be taken into account. Define for yourself the cost of an hour of work and what it takes to cover it (think that if you were an employee at the time you would be working a job that was worth every hour worked and you probably want not to earn less). With such an approach, it is right to start learning the field.

Working from home has many consequences and it is important to be aware of them. Usually people who work from home work in an environment that is less surrounded by other people and can experience loneliness. Beyond that, all the temptations that are in the house, TV, bed, food, etc . Some people need a boss to act and some suffer from procrastination.

In conclusion, the purpose of this post is to try to put in a professional mind when approaching the field of making money online. Do not be tempted by blasted promises and learn and examine the field well, without disqualification. Come with a clear mind and you will gain an amazing field. Good luck!

How to start affiliate marketing?

Anyone at the beginning of studying affiliate marketing is looking for sources of information to understand how to market. There are many sources of information, some free and some paid, but it is important to realize that some of the puzzle you will have to solve on your own.

So how do you get started? First of all one you need to learn the basics of marketing and the right mindset. You need to understand what a customer is and what he is going through until he decides to perform the action you want to, for example, leave details on the form or purchase a product. The customer goes through a process and from the ad or the first stage where his journey began with you until the moment of purchase you should warm him up and motivate him step by step to purchase.

You need to choose a niche where you are interested in, for example, the tourism niche or the niche of making money from home and choosing a product. Then you need to build a marketing funnel from the traffic sources, through the landing pages and sometimes mailing a mailing list to referring to the sales page.

If everything I have described up to you sounds Chinese or too general, I think you should consider joining an affiliate marketing course. There are several courses for affiliate marketing, some better and some less and there is more theoretical or practical one. I think one of the best free affiliate marketing course is RPM (Rapid Profit Machine). RPM is perfect for beginners and advanced affiliate marketers because it combine affiliate marketing tutorials with, ready for you funnels and traffic solutions. You don’t need any previous knowlege in order to start making money, just follow the short videos guides and be active.

Apart from these courses there is a great deal of information on YouTube and you should follow the channels of affiliate marketers. Learning by YouTube videos has some problems because there are a lot of repetitive general videos and although you can find practical videos, you often have to combine information from several videos to complete the picture.

One of the advantages of the courses compared to learning from YouTube videos is that they usually have a Facebook support group full of old and new students and you can ask questions and complete all sorts of points that you are missing. Another advantage of courses is the arrangement and division into defined modules. It is much easier to learn when there are modules that provide step-by-step information than to watch a lot of videos that each provides information from a different subject.

In conclusion, affiliate marketing area is very large, I personally recommend starting with a good course, but if the courses are too expensive for you, you can start with information that exists on YouTube and the Internet, start earning profits and then complete information in a paid course. Good luck!