Effectively utilizing coupons and promo codes

Customer attraction and satisfaction is at the core of every business operations. Customers play a huge role in the business prosperity and business generation and basically, the larger the customer network, the higher the returns for the business and thus the business prosperity. Coupons and promo codes are increasingly being used in customer attraction even on online platforms and this draws need to understand them and know how to utilize them to maximize your purchases and save your money when shopping.

Coupons are tickets or documents to customers that entitle them a particular discount when purchasing certain commodity. Discount tickets offered during promotion of the products by the manufacturer as well as retailers will most likely be called promo codes but either way, they allow you to acquire certain product covered by the discount at a cheaper price than you would have spent elsewhere. This is applied in order to attract customers but as well gives customers satisfaction and allows you to save.The key thing to understand is that the coupons are not always available, thus they are offered at certain and specific time period of which they expire after the lapse of the time or the stock. Thus, you can get a coupon that either lasts for say 1 month or that which expires upon the completion of stock and is often branded while stock lasts’.

How coupons are offered

Coupons and promo codes are offered either by manufacturers or the retailers. We will explore each of these coupons in order to provide a clear understanding since its key to understand so that you know how to make use of coupons and promo codes effectively.Manufacturers offer coupons on some of the products they produce. This is geared at making you buy their goods and at the same time offers their goods at cheaper prices. The coupons offered by manufactures can be redeemed at any store or retailer that accepts them. Usually, these coupons usually have a note for you (customer) concerning the possible places you can redeem them and a note to the stores regarding how the coupons should be redeemed. Different manufactures utilize these coupons and when you are on look out, you will likely meet a handful of them and we will shortly cover how to locate these coupons Retailers’ coupons are also called store coupons and are offered by certain stores providing goods allowing you to buy certain goods at a discount. Unlike manufacturer’s coupons, store coupons cannot be redeemed at another different store offering similar products. Thus, to actualize the coupons, you must shop at the store offering them. Sometimes you can get manufacturer and store coupon or promo code offered on the same product that is a product having double discount. This is called staking and let me briefly explain to you about how it works.


Staking coupons is where a product attracts both the manufacturer and store coupons. Therefore, if the store in question allows the manufacturer coupon on the product and at the same time offers coupons on the same product, you can go to the store and receive double discount. For instance, if product A has a manufacturer coupon of say buy 1 get one free, and so you go to a store to claim it, meaning you will pay for one product but receive two of them, and at the-store, the same product A has a coupon of 1% discount on 1 item, then you will pay the discounted amount, and receive another product free. That is just brief overview but you can obtain help at the store when faced with staking issue.

How to know existence of coupons

There are various sources you can seek to learn more about coupons that are being offered by both the manufacturer and the store. It is important to cover this so that you can save time seeking coupons. Among the common sources of coupons are the print media, that is newspapers and magazines which feature insertions of various coupons offered. Coupons can also be offered through mails. There are online platforms that exclusively deal with informing people about existence of coupons and you can view them. Finally, manufacturer or store official websites provide information about coupons.

How to make use of coupons

Having learnt about the coupons and how they can be obtained, it is important to learn how to utilize them. Using coupons involves a number of issues which shall be covered in detail.

Read the coupon instruction: every coupon has its unique offer. In most cases, you will be able to use one manufacturer’s coupon with every item purchased. Others however come with different language like “limit 2 coupons per transaction” then this very well means-that you can only use up to two coupons each attracting a product. Thus your discount will only be applied to two products covered in the coupon. Meaning, a coupon reading “save $1 on 1 cheese” and has the limit as stated above, then the discount will only be applied to 2 cheeses. Any extra cheese(s) purchased shall not attract the discount.

Use the coupon correctly: coupons are usually attached to certain types of commodity and thus to use the coupon, you must buy the right items stated in the coupon. Thus, you cannot exchange or substitute it with another product.

Only use valid coupons: discounts will only be applied to currently active coupons, thus, you should watch out and avoid using copied or expired coupons since nothing fruitful will come out of it.

Understand the coupon policy: coupons have their policy in terms of application and redemption of the offers covered, ensure that you understand the policy terms and condition to avoid any inconveniences.

Use only one manufacturer’s coupon per purchase: sometimes you can find a coupon in paper, online and another in your mail. These are three coupons right? Yes. But this doesn’t mean that you are lucky or you have scored. There is a set-limit of one manufacturer coupon per item, thus, choose one and use it to claim your discount. Simple!

Coupons can help you save a great deal of money, most coupons are offered during first week of the months and you can go for a coupon shopping experience which can be quite exciting and at the end you can save up to and well beyond 50% of your expenditure. Online shopping can attract free shipping as well on coupon-driven purchases. Wow! Your shopping then must be filled with plenty of bounce.