Affiliate marketing through Pinterest

Usually someone who starts affiliate marketing goes in the standard directions of marketing through Facebook. In contrast, those who think outside the box can find ways to market products through Pinterest.

Let’s start with a brief explanation of what Pinterest is.  Pinterest is a social network based on boards containing pins, that is, a kind of visual posts  with image and short text next to them. You can add links near the pins so it’s great for affiliate marketing.

Despite this, not every product is suitable for marketing on Pinterest. We need to examine first the demographic segmentation of Pinterest users. There are a lot more Women’s users than men’s and a lot of the users coming to Pinterest to find ideas. For that matter, if someone decides on the design of a children’s room, she goes to Pinterest and finds design ideas from all over the world, the same for costumes, recipes, ideas for birthdays, hobbies and more.

When we as affiliate marketers use Pinterest, we need to tailor the marketing proposals to the demographic segmentation. We would use it less to market products in a niche of making money, but products for hobbies and home design can succeed excellently.

One of the lesser known points is the ability to Ads on Pinterest similar to Facebook. Today, the costs there are relatively low and it is worthwhile to examine it and see if it pays off. Good luck!

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