Principal Hayley Hotels Discount Codes | July 2017

Enjoy Discounted Services at the Principal Hayley Hotels Using These Codes

The Principal Hayley Hotels are much more than places to wine and dine. They are specially designed and built locations where you can go for conferences and training. Located in the UK, these hotels are managed such that you get a lasting, positive impression after a visit or a stay in one of them. They host various services such as dining, accomodation, conferences and training workshops. There is always a hotel ideal for whichever purpose you have at the Principal Hayley Hotels. There are hotels that are located in urban areas such as the city. Others are located in major business districts. All of them feature amenities such as shops and links to means of transport for you and your group. Some of these hotels are located in serene grounds where you can go and enjoy some peace and quiet on your own or as a group.

The Principal Hayley group of hotels is always seeking to grow. It grew from a group of only 6 hotels into one of 23 hotels. It has a total of 4,000 suites, in excess of 500 rooms for meetings as well as a capacity to hold more than 26,000 individuals every day. Thanks to the exemplary service of the management at the PH Hotels, high level invesment groups such as the Starwood Capital Group have made investments in this group of hotels.

What will you find at the Principal Hayley Hotels?

To assure high level performance, the staff in the chain of hotels are taught and encouraged to uphold certain values. These values include high quality of service, consistently high performance as well as sensational interaction with guests. In every hotel of the PH group, three line-ups of the staff are conducted on a daily basis. This way, the staff are acutely aware of the guests who are expected to arrive.

The collection of values upheld at the PH hotels include:

1. Environmental awareness

2. Mutual respect across the board

3. Extra value for VIP guests

4. Strive to enjoy your work

5. Perform as a team

6. Strive to attain high quality, great results

7. Inspire creativity in each other

Why do they uphold these values?

The PH Hotels maintain these values and level of performance so as to ensure that they are the top hotel chain that offers the services of conferences and training. They refer to this method of working as the PH way. Thanks to their high level of performance, the PH hotel chain has been feted in the Sunday Times. It was described as one of the most financially secure companies in the mid-market bracket. It has also been recognized as one of the companies that reports the highest levels of sales and profits in Britain. Here is more about the services that you can enjoy discounts on by using Principal Hayley Hotels discount codes.

Venue for conferences and meetings

The chain of PH Hotels is well known and preferred across the United Kingdom for conferences, training exercises and meetings. The hotels are located in diverse areas across the nation. Some are in scenic countryside locations while others are in the city centers. There is an ideal location for your event.

The hotels have rooms that are specially built for the purpose of conferences. The rooms have large floor space, break rooms and sub-conference locations. In addition to that, they sport the latest public address and conferencing technology. There is free Wi-Fi service, immediate support as well as endless refreshments at the coffee stations distributed all over the venues. These services are provided as standard to ensure that the meetings go on flawlessly. Training exercises are also commonly held at the Principal Hayley Hotels. They have in house trainers for various disciplines such as Inspirational Training. They also have all the equipment required for whichever training exercises you may want to engage in.

Venue or weddings and occassions

Some of the events that are held in the Principal Hayley Hotels are weddings. Mainly garden weddings or receptions, the hotels are always an ideal location for many couples seeking to celebrate their love. There are those located in the countryside for people who want the scenic views. There are also some other hotels located in the city for people who want to enjoy convenient access to the highways and city attractions.

Other events that are normally held in the PH Hotels are parties to celebrate birthdays as well as dinners and cocktails to celebrate anniversaries. Gala dinners are also held in the ballrooms at the PH Hotels. There is banquet staff, chefs and restauranteurs who ensure that your event is a success.


You can access any of these services at a discount by using the Principal Hayley Hotels discount codes. Some of them guarantee you a 10% discount on all your expenses. Head on to the Internet and get these codes before you visit the amazing Principal Hayley Hotels.

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